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hot hot topics - june 2002

Welcome to the june 2002 issue of hot hot topics! this issue features an interesting smorgasbord of articles on various topics. If you read only one article, read the article on integration causing change. You can also see the table of contents for the market barometer. If you are fed up with email, you might enjoy reading "my dilemma: phone or email." "Is print obsolete?" discusses the future of print vs. electronic media. A new section on self-expression offers poems, essays, songs, and letters. If you feel frustrated by the lack of time to get things done, take a look at "newtime," which proposes a time system in which there are 100 seconds to the minute and 100 minutes to the hour. The idea is to create more time. Finally, be sure to check out our truly fabulous staff! 


Volume 3, Number 2 ISSN 1350-7204

Here are the articles for this issue. Some articles are in PDF format and others are HTML.

Worldflow market barometer table of contents (HTML) - Flow Research has released the premiere issue of the Worldflow Market Barometer, the first in our series of monthly Worldflow reports.  Click here to see the table of contents.

Integration a critical market force causing change (HTML) (PDF) - this article presents some important conclusions about the forces for change that underlie today's flowmeter and process control markets

My dilemma: phone or email (HTML) (PDF) - this article discusses some of the pros and cons of communicating via phone vs. email.

Is print becoming obsolete? (PDF) - this article talks about the future of the printed page, as compared to online and electronic forms of communication.

In the mood for poetry? Check out our self-expression section at http://www.flowresearch.com/life/welcome.htm  (HTML)

Want to speed up your life?  Take a look at Newtime: a form of decimal time (HTML) (PDF)

Meet our fabulous staff! (HTML) - Belinda Burum, formerly with Idea Network, has joined Flow Research, Inc. as Vice President of Marketing. Mike Kirsch, with over 30 years of industrial and consulting experience, has been with Flow Research for over two years as a senior analyst. Jesse Yoder is now officially President.

The Barometer Predicts Change

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