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In case you think all that great text you see in our studies and in Worldflow is written by computers, it's not! It takes real time and experience to do the research and put this knowledge into a format that is understandable and useable to you.

We have some of the best and most experienced people around to do this work. And they get better with every passing day!

Flow Research, Inc.

Jesse Yoder, president, has 22 years' experience as a technical analyst.  Jesse got his start in 1980 writing software manuals for Commercial Union Insurance Cos. and Wang Labs.  He then spent almost four years writing manuals for the programmable logic control (PLC) division of Siemens.  He continued with Siemens until 1990, when he began doing market research. Since 1990, Jesse has written over 40 market studies and published 25 journal articles.  Most of these studies and articles are in the area of instrumentation.  Jesse is publisher of Worldflow and editor of Worldflow Market Barometer.

Jesse has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, which he received in 1984.  He is the author of the philosophies of viewpoint pluralism, circular geometry, duonyms, and the paradigm case method of flowmeter selection. He has also written a philosophy book called Shades of Experience. This book introduces the idea that experience has many different shades, and seeks to develop a language for describing them. It also contains a dictionary of duonyms. 

Besides work and philosophy, Jesse mainly loves taking weekend trips in his Solara and staying in hotels -- any hotel, anywhere, anytime. 

Belinda Burum, vice president, has worked in high tech for 14 years as a technical writer and marketing communications manager. Before that she honed her interviewing skills as a newspaper and wire service reporter.  In 1990 and 1991, Belinda wrote newsletters and company profiles for Idea Network. Belinda is editor of Worldflow Process Industry Monitor.

Belinda loves to travel and enjoys seeing new places.  She has a variety of interests that include singing, writing, yoga, Spanish, and visiting Latin American countries. She is shown here relaxing on the beach during a recent trip to Cuba.

Michael Kirsch, senior analyst, has more than 30 years of industrial and consulting experience in the areas of R&D, market research, and strategic planning. He holds an MBA and a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and has held positions with General Electric, Chem Systems, American Hoechst, Borg-Warner Corporation, Phillip Townsend Associates, and The PST Group. Mike has been working for Flow Research for over two years, and has done many of our enduser surveys. He is editor of Worldflow User Perspective. Mike was very influential in developing the Worldflow product.

Outside of work, Mike is a gifted composer and artist, and heads up his own musical band. He is the lead singer and guitar player of the band. He has written and sung "King of Flow," a song available on our website. Mike has an extensive network of friends and contacts that help fuel his research and keep him up-to-date on developments in a wide variety of areas. 

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