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Q2 2002

Welcome to the premiere edition of Worldflow Market Barometer. It's chock full of information about the flow market industry. 

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Products and Technologies

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In the News

Fisher-Rosemount Becomes Emerson Process Management

Rosemount launches the 3051S, a "next generation" pressure transmitter

Honeywell introduces new pressure transmitter models for high-pressure applications

Honeywell Names David Cote President and CEO

Invensys offers Pressure Transmitters for $375

Accuracy and Reliability Drive Users to Coriolis Flowmeters

Worldwide Study Finds Magnetic Flowmeters to be the Revenue Leader

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Aaliant discontinues further development of its ultrasonic, magnetic, and vortex flowmeters

Bopp & Reuther launch new compact orifice and vortex flowmeters

Danfoss takes a novel approach to bus communication (PDF)

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Products & Technologies

New-Technology Flowmeters


Emerson Brooks releases Quantim™ Coriolis mass flow controller

Why users gravitate to Coriolis flowmeters



Recent advances in magnetic flowmeter technology

Ultrasonic - Technology Close-up

Panametrics breaks through the gas flow measurement barrier 

Ultrasonic: Where's the growth?

Will the ultrasonic flowmeter market consolidate?


Multivariable: The Hot New Trend in Vortex Flowmeters

Traditional-Technology Flowmeters

Differential Pressure

Go New-Tech or Stick with DP?  Users Face the Dilemma

Positive Displacement - Technology Close-up

Positive displacement meters: Technology and analysis (PDF)

Burkert brings out a new line of positive displacement flowmeters

New positive displacement flow sensor

Kral opens US office-Retools meters for US market


Turbine flowmeters: Technology and suppliers (PDF)


Open Channel

Open channel flowmeters: Technology and suppliers (PDF)



Thermal flowmeters: Technology and suppliers (PDF)

Sierra Instruments introduces smart thermal mass flowmeter for gas application


Variable Area

Variable area flowmeters: Technology and suppliers (PDF)



Email on thermodynamic flowmeters (PDF)

Product information on thermodynamic flowmeters (PDF)

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Market Research

Cross-Technology Discussion

Users Flow to New-Technology Flowmeters

Growth Factors for New-Technology Flowmeters

Flowmeter Trends in 2002

The World Gasflow Measurement Market

Chapter One: Executive Summary (PDF)

Chapter Two: Growth and Forecast (PDF)

Chapter Three: Strategies (PDF)

The World Gas Measurement Market (Entire Study) (PDF)

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Distribution Channels

The Impact of E-Commerce on Sales Organizations (PDF)

Have you watered your customers lately?

Product Line Expansion Service

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The Quest for Market Position (PDF)

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State of the Industry Report

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Barometric Living Database (not specific to a month)

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