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Hot Hot Topics - February 2003

Welcome to the February 2003 issue of Hot Hot Topics! This issue features several articles relating to the release of our exciting new study, The World Market for Flowmeters. For the first time in 10 years, a complete study is available that includes all 10 flow technologies. 

Don't miss My Flowmeter Odyssey, which tells how the idea for a series of studies on all flow technologies came about. Another article in this issue looks back at important instrumentation events of 2002. Be sure to take a look at Pioneers of Instrumentation, a new project that involves interviewing founders of flow companies and inventors of flow technologies. No matter what your taste in flow, this issue is full of tasty treats!

Volume 4, Number 1

ISSN 1350-7204

My Flowmeter Odyssey. (PDF File) Jesse Yoder recounts the trip that laid the groundwork for the ten-volume series of flow studies that he has just completed. He also explains the connection between his 1994 all-technology study and the new all-technology flow study just released by Flow Research. 

Products & Acquisitions. (PDF File) A number of specific changes have occurred in the past year to impact the flowmeter markets.  Some of these developments are positive and some are negative.  Here's a summary.

Pioneers of Instrumentation - (PDF File) Pioneers of Instrumentation is a new project whose purpose is to identify and interview the inventors of flow technologies and the founders of companies created to develop these technologies.  These interviews will seek to shed light on the development of these technologies by looking at the technologies from the points of view of the founders.  It will also seek to document the development of these technologies by tracing their development over time through different companies. If you know any Pioneers or Instrumentation, or are one, please let us know!

A Short History of Positive Displacement Flowmeters - (PDF File) Positive displacement flowmeters are truly a member of the class of traditional technology flowmeters.  Their history goes back to 1815, when Samuel Clegg invented the first PD gas flowmeter.  This was a water sealed rotating drum meter.  Clegg’s son-in-law, John Malam, together with Samuel Crosley, invented an improved model in 1825.  Problems remained with high cost, freezing, and large size...

The World Market for Flowmeters (PDF File) - Flow Research has just released a new study that includes all flow technologies.  This is the first study of its kind in ten years.  This comprehensive study has market size and market share data for Coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic, vortex, DP, positive displacement, turbine, open channel, thermal, and variable area flowmeters.

Worldflow Handbook Now Available! - Are you trying to figure out where to buy that magnetic flowmeter? You need The Worldflow Handbook! The Worldflow Handbook contains up-to-date contact information for over 300 flowmeter suppliers from around the world. It also includes a guide to flowmeter selection, including the paradigm case method, and a list of suppliers for each of the ten flowmeter types. The Worldflow Handbook is free with any study order, and is available by itself for $375. 

Worldflow Monitoring Service. Some of the articles are excerpted from the Worldflow Market Barometer, which is part of the Worldflow Monitoring Service. Worldflow is a monthly subscription service that keeps you updated on the flow industry, the process industries, and on end-user perspectives. For more information on this exciting service, visit http://www.flowresearch.com/Worldflow/overview.htm. For a free sample copy of the Worldflow Market Barometer, send an email to belindab@flowresearch.com
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