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Acquisitions and New Products

A number of specific changes have occurred in the past year to impact the flowmeter markets.  Some of these developments are positive and some are negative.  Here is a summary of these developments.

         Foxboro is upgrading its instrumentation offerings, with a new vortex meter and its new digital Coriolis meter.

         Yokogawa has introduced a multivariable vortex meter in Japan, but not yet in the United States.

         Venture Measurement (Aaliant) discontinued development of its ultrasonic, magnetic, and vortex meters.

         Panametrics introduced a new clamp-on meter for gas flow measurement.

         Panametrics was acquired by General Electric, and is now called GE Panametrics (July 2002)

         Emerson Rosemount introduced its new 3051S pressure transmitters, offering new levels of stability and accuracy

         Badger Meter sold its line of ultrasonic flowmeters to Eastech Flow Controls (now Eastech Badger).

         Schlumberger spun off most of its measurement division to form Actaris, which has positive displacement and turbine flowmeters (November 2001).

         Rurhgas Industries, which also owns American Meter in the US and Elster Amco in Europe, bought ABB Water Meter in Ocala, Florida.

         Spirent sold its Sensing Solutions business to GE Industrial Systems.  The Sensing Solutions business included Thermometrics (thermistors), General Eastern (humidity) and Kaye Instruments (thermal calibration and monitoring) (November 2001)


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