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Pioneers of Instrumentation

by Jesse Yoder

One of the most interesting and exciting aspects of studying the flowmeter market is documenting the history of various flowmeter technologies.  But this history is closely linked to the creation and history of companies that were formed to develop these technologies.  There is usually one person, or a small group of people, behind the formation of these flow companies.

Pioneers of Instrumentation is the name for a new project whose purpose is to identify and interview the inventors of flow technologies and the founders of companies created to develop these technologies.  These interviews will seek to shed light on the development of these technologies by looking at the technologies from the points of view of the founders.  It will also seek to document the development of these technologies by tracing their development over time through different companies.

I believe that these interviews will be valuable in themselves.  Eventually, I hope to weave them into a more extended account of the various flow technologies.  I am also hopeful that this will shed light on the creative process by which these technologies were invented.  Perhaps this will also lead to new insights into how these technologies can be further developed, or even combined with each other.

I am pleased to report that there is already a great deal of enthusiasm for this project among the people Iíve already contacted about it.  The future of flow is wide open.  Iím hoping that this project will open the doors to a better understanding of all flow technologies.  If you wish to participate in this project, or have ideas for it, please send an email to me at



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