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Emerson introduces Daniel Mark III™ electronics platform for its family of ultrasonic gas flowmeters

HOUSTON, TX (September 22, 2003) — Emerson Process Management announced today its launch of the Daniel® Mark III™ electronics platform for use with Daniel ultrasonic gas flowmeters. Nearly 10 times faster than conventional electronics, the Mark III platform enables accurate and linear metering, delivers valuable operations data that is easy to use, and supports fast and effective maintenance.

  Audit Trail

Daniel Mark III electronics speeds retrieval of audit and data logs for simplified meter maintenance.


Daniel's improve Customer Ultrasonic Interface (CUI) provides a single-screen overview of all measurement data.


"The innovative new Mark III electronics platform will help save time and money for our customers," said John Lansing, manager of gas measurement technology at the Daniel division of Emerson Process Management. "The platform's speed provides exceptional low flow accuracy of our ultrasonic meters, and tight linearity throughout the calibrated flow range. This helps reduce lost and unaccounted gas."

"Maintenance time savings are enabled by the electronics' speed of delivery of key data from the meter's best-in-class audit trail," continued Lansing. "Access to alarms, events, and configuration changes is provided in a matter of seconds. The audit trail meets American Petroleum Institute Standard 21.1, and is supported by a standard 8 MB non-volatile memory. A single, compact circuit board allows users simple field removal and reinstallation. "

The Mark III platform is expandable, enabling future upgrades to help meet changing needs of customers as they manage their measurement data. A future release will add FOUNDATION fieldbus communications that is one of the technologies powering Emerson's PlantWeb® digital plant architecture to further increase results while decreasing costs.

In addition to the new Mark III electronics, Daniel is expanding its ease of use by announcing its new Customer Ultrasonic Interface (CUI version 3.0). Version 3.0 of the CUI software provides a single monitor screen to view important information and functionality, such as a field start-up wizard, real-time digital wave-form viewing, trending of maintenance logs, an AGA 10 speed-of-sound calculator, and quick retrieval of audit, alarm, and history information.

CUI 3.0 software functionality supports remote dial-up access and now supports Ethernet connectivity with Mark III electronics. For more information about Daniel ultrasonic flow meters with Mark III electronics, visit www.daniel.com.


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