News Release January 29, 2004

Low Cost Flow Measurement Devices

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.; Elizabeth City, North Carolina

The low cost Lo-Co Series is an inexpensive turbine flowmeter for liquid service. A true industrial flowmeter, this product is constructed of 316 stainless steel and NPT type end fittings.

Selection of a flowmeter for many industrial applications is cost driven, where the user is often unable to include a high priced precision flowmeter. The Lo-Co Series provides the user with the most economical solution. This series is ideal for OEM manufacturers who need a low cost flowmeter incorporated into their equipment, utility firms and industrial plants for water monitoring, and petrochemical processing, to name a few.

The Lo-Co turbine flowmeter is available in nine overlapping sizes from to 2 inches. The product performance specifications provide for +/-1% accuracy and can be configured in a 4-20mA output, conditioned pulse output or with indicator/totalizer packages. The Lo-Co is available in explosion-proof configuration and is CE compliant.

For more information on the Lo-Co Series and related electronics please visit or contact:

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

Janna Critcher, Marketing Manager

P.O. Box 2145

Elizabeth City, NC 27906

TEL:            1-800-628-4584 NATIONWIDE


FAX:            252-331-2886





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