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Hot Hot Topics - July 2006

Your Update on Flow. Temperature, and Pressure Measurement from Flow Research


Editor: Dr. Jesse Yoder 


Volume 7, Number 3  - ISSN 1350-7204


Associate Editor: Norm Weeks





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Welcome to the July 2006 issue of Hot Hot Topics! This issue brings you up-to-date on some important new developments in the flowmeter business. It highlights our new temperature sensors study, which is still hot off the press.. It also reports on some important acquisitions in both the temperature and flowmeter areas. You can count on Hot Hot Topics to keep you up-to-date on the latest important developments in flow, temperature, and pressure measurement.  

1. Flow Research has released a new study on temperature sensors. We are very excited about this new study, which includes thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, infrared thermometers, fiber optic sensors, and thermowells. This is the second edition of a study first published in 2000.  A lot has happened in this market since our last study. This new study tells you how many of these types of temperature sensors are sold and who the major players are. It identifies mergers and acquisitions that have occurred in the past few years, and tells you what the trends are in temperature measurement. The study has 71 company profiles. For more information, go to http://www.tempflows.com/tempsensors/welcome.htm. To find out about our temperature transmitters study, go to www.tempflows.com

2. Flow Research is doing a study on differential pressure (DP) flow measurement and primary elements. What is the true value of the DP flowmeter market? Typically, research studies identify the value of the DP flowmeter market with the value of the DP transmitter market. But in order to measure DP flow, a primary element, such as an orifice plate or Venturi tube, is required. And measuring mass flow using a DP transmitter also involves other devices such as a pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, and flow computer. This groundbreaking new study, called The World Market for DP Flow Measurement and Primary Elements, seeks to determine the true value of the DP flowmeter market by giving the market size for DP transmitters, primary elements, and associated instrumentation. It will also tell you whether the DP flowmeter market is growing, and which are the most popular primary elements. Find out more at http://www.flowresearch.com/DP_Flow/welcome.htm.

3. BASF completes acquisition of Engelhard Corporation. BASF, one of the largest chemical companies in the world, has acquired Engelhard Corporation of Iselin, New Jersey. The acquisition was completed on June 12, 2006. Engelhard is a surface and materials science company that four business segments: Environmental Technologies; Process Technologies, Appearance and Performance Technologies; and Materials Services. In terms of instrumentation, Engelhard is a manufacturer of thermocouples and infrared thermometers. You can find out more about this acquisition at www.engelhard.com

4. Measurement Specialties acquires YSI Temperature and BetaTHERM. Measurement Specialties manufactures a wide range of sensors, including pressure transducers, accelerometers, humidity sensors, automotive sensors, and temperature sensors. Measurement Specialties is headquartered in Hampton, Virginia. With its purchase of YSI Temperature and BetaTHERM, Measurement Specialties has added two of the largest producers of thermistors to its portfolio. This makes it a major player in the temperature sensor market. The acquisitions were announced on April 3, 2006. For more information, go to www.meas-spec.com and select "Investor Relations." 

5Some 25% of flowmeter users are "very open" to doing business with a new or different supplier. And 52% percent say they are "somewhat open" to a new or different supplier. These are two of the many data points in our new survey called Worldwide Survey of Flowmeter Users, 2nd Edition. The survey had 586 participants. Another result: users rank "Technical Support" as the most important non-product or commercial consideration when selecting flowmeters. Find out more about this new survey, which was published in January 2006, at http://www.flowresearch.com/User_Survey/welcome.htm.


6. Spirax Sarco Broadens US Reach Through Purchase of Advanced Flow Technology. Spirax Sarco has has purchased all relevant business assets of AFTCO of Lakeland, Florida, from AMJ Equipment Corporation, also of Lakeland, Florida.. The AFTCO business will be merged with EMCO Flow Systems, a US division of Spirax Sarco headquartered in Longmont, Colorado. The acquisition was announced on May 17, 2006. For more information, go to http://www.flowresearch.com/hothottopics/July_2006/AFTCO.htm.  


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Editor: Dr. Jesse Yoder - jesse@flowresearch.com 

Associate Editor: Norm Weeks - norm@flowresearch.com 


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