Endress+Hauser Introduces New Vortex Flowmeter for Steam Flow Measurement

January 30, 2004 , Greenwood, Indiana Endress+Hauser has introduced a new vortex flowmeter - the PROline Prowirl 72 and 73. Differentiating itself from other vortex flowmeters in the market, the Prowirl 72/73 utilizes patented Differential Switched Capacitor (DSC) sensor technology.

This DSC technology allows for a vortex flowmeter  with measurement reliability and flexibility. The Prowirl 72/73 is immune to vibrations, temperature shocks, clogging, water hammer, and high pressures. The DSC technology overcomes this classic problem of interference from plant virbrations.

The Prowirl 73 introduces direct mass measurement without the need of an additional thermometer and flow computer. For measurement of saturated steam, the accurate data is implemented within the instrument. Direct mass flow measurement is possible for other fluids (density information can be entered directly). Superheated steam, compressed air, water, and gas measurement are all supported. Shown below is the ProWirl 73F. For more information, visit www.endress.com.