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Hot Hot Topics

January-February 2002 Volume 3, Number 1 ISSN 1350-7204

Welcome to another issue of Hot Hot Topics!  This month, we’ve changed our format for the following reason.

Many people prefer not to open attachments.  So instead of sending out an email with the newsletter attached, we are sending out an email that contains a series of articles.  Each article appears in brief form, and contains a link to the complete version of the article, which appears on our website.  By using this method, we can also include more articles. 

Nothing else is changed about Hot Hot Topics.  It is still distributed free of charge by Flow Research to members of the flow and measurement communities.

This online version of Hot Hot Topics has the same content as the email version.  It is divided into four pages.

Page Two: Flow Research Announces New Worldflow Monitoring Service; Market Barometer; User Perspective; Process Industry Monitor; Living Database
Page Three: In the News: ABB announces loss; D-Flow in venture with Sensant; Positive Displacement and Turbine Flowmeter Studies; Temperature Website Available; Great Names in Flow; Directory of Vanished Companies

Page Four: Flow Research in the News; Why our newsletter is now called Hot Hot Topics

We welcome your comments!  Please let us know what you think of our new format, and of our newsletter.  Also, if you would like us to send you a file of this issue of Hot Hot Topics, let us know.  Send your comments and requests to editor@flowresearch.com.  Thank you! - Jesse Yoder, Editor, Hot Hot Topics.

Hot Hot Topics is published by Flow Research, 27 Water St., Wakefield, MA  01880
(781) 245-3200; (781) 224-7552 (fax)
Editor: Jesse Yoder PhD - jesse@flowresearch.com 
Associate Editor: Belinda Burum - belindab@flowresearch.com 
Senior Editor: Michael Kirsch - michaelk@flowresearch.com
Copyright © 2002 by Flow Research; www.flowresearch.com 

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