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Hot Hot Topics - December/January 2004

Your Monthly Update on the Flowmeter Industry from Flow Research

Editor: Dr. Jesse Yoder  - Volume 5, Number 1  - ISSN 1350-7204


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Welcome to the December/January 2004 issue of Hot Hot Topics! Flow Research provides an easy way for you to stay up to date on the flow and process industries, and on changing user perspectives. Our Worldflow Monitoring Service provides three reports each quarter: The Worldflow Barometer (flow industry), the Worldflow Monitor (process industries), and the Worldflow Perspective (user surveys). For more details, click here: Worldflow Monitoring Service.


Flow Research has just completed a worldwide study on the pressure transmitter market. This study gives market size, market shares, and forecasts through 2007 by geographic region for pressure transmitters. Important changes in this market include:

  • Market consolidation among suppliers

  • The introduction of high-tier pressure transmitters

  • The continued importance of multivariable pressure transmitters

  • Competition with DP transmitters from other flow technologies

  • A strong emphasis on reliability from both suppliers and end-users.

For more details on this important new study, released in January 2004, click here:

The World Market for Pressure Transmitters


Flow Research has reclassified thermal flowmeters as new-technology meters. This reclassification occurred in an article in Control magazine in October 2003. Originally, thermal flowmeters were classified as traditional tech meters, due to their association with hot-wire anemometers, whose origin goes back to about 1918, and from considering their accuracy levels. 


In reclassifying them, several factors were considered. While some thermal flowmeters were developed out of hot-wire anemometer technology, they are still a separate and distinct technology. And recent developments in thermal flow technology is bringing at least some thermal flowmeters to achieving accuracy levels in the one percent range. As a result, thermal flowmeters are now considered to be new-technology flowmeters rather than traditional tech meters. For more information on the difference between new-technology and traditional tech flowmeters, click here: Classification of Flowmeters.


Flow Research now has a study available on every flow technology. For the past three years, we have been researching the worldwide flowmeter market, including all technologies. We now have a study available on every flow technology. This includes Coriolis, ultrasonic, magnetic, ultrasonic, thermal, pressure, positive displacement, turbine, open channel, and variable area. For more information on our flow studies, click here. Flow Research Flow Studies.


Flow Research studies the flowmeter market and the process industries. We also study the macroeconomic factors that influence the overall health of these industries. This the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), current trends in capital spending, the weather, oil prices, and the overall US and world economies. This provides support for our forecasts in flow, pressure, and temperature markets.


If you like Hot Hot Topics, you will love the Worldflow Barometer! Every quarter the Worldflow Barometer brings you completely up-to-date on developments in the worldwide flowmeter market. We update you on every flow technology every quarter. We tell you who's been acquired, what new products are out, and advise you on market strategies. Plus, every quarter we take an in-depth look at one or more flowmeter companies that you need to know about. Join the growing ranks of companies that rely on the Worldflow Barometer to keep them abreast of developments in flow. Click here for more information.


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