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Hot Hot Topics - April 2006

API Sends Vortex Flowmeter Standard to Ballot

Wakefield, Massachusetts, March 13, 2006 -- Responding to the expressed needs of both end-users and manufacturers of vortex flowmeters, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has created a proposed standard for the use of vortex flowmeters for custody transfer operations.  Work on the standard has been underway for about two years.  The standard applies to both liquid and gas flowmeter operations.  The standard is the work of the API’s Committee on Petroleum Measurement (COPM), which is made up of representatives of both the supplier and end-user communities.

Flow Research has long been among the groups calling for the development of a custody transfer standard for vortex flowmeters.  Our experience in studying competing flowmeters, especially ultrasonic and Coriolis, shows that the presence of a custody transfer standard can have a significant impact on the market.  Sales of Coriolis and ultrasonic flowmeters have increased substantially after the approval of an industry association report or standard, especially for gas flow measurement.  The absence of such a standard for vortex flowmeters has hindered market penetration by these meters, especially in the oil, gas, and refining industries. 

According to Wade Mattar of Invensys/Foxboro, Chairman of the API Working Group that is considering the standard, “The industry has used vortex flowmeters for some time.  Now we are trying to get a standard written so that they can be used in more applications.”  The ballots for the standard were due back on March 10, 2006.  The API Committee on Petroleum Measurement is scheduled to meet on March 21 to consider the results of the balloting.  The standard could be approved at that meeting.  Alternatively, there could be a delay while comments on the standard are incorporated, or otherwise taken into account.  Of course, there is no guarantee that the standard will be approved, but a significant amount of momentum has already been generated towards this end.

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