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Dear Friend of Flow,                                                      March 2006 

The last two years have been years of growth for many flowmeter companies.  Our perception is that many flowmeter companies experienced an upturn in 2004, and that this continued into 2005 in many cases.  We hope that your company is among them.  We fully expect this upward trend to continue in 2006.

I certainly have good news to report from Flow Research.  We recently added some new physical space, nearly doubling in size.  We have added a conference room, a new work area, and a storage room.  In addition, we are expanding our flowlab to greatly increase our technical capability.  Our expanded space gives us room for more staff, and a dedicated client meeting area.  You are welcome to visit us, if you are in the Boston area.

We have added to our staff people who are already helping us in customer service and research areas.  Both Kaye Bell and Wendy Dennis bring many years of customer-focused experience to bear on their new positions at Flow Research.  We hope to use their presence to enable us to take a more individual approach to our client base.  We have also increased our commitment to doing user surveys by adding new capabilities in this area.

I am excited to tell you that we have just published a new study, The World Market for Vortex Flowmeters, 3rd Edition.  The study includes 35 supplier profiles, and is the most comprehensive vortex study we have every published.  It includes a great deal of segmentation not seen before, including line size, sensing technology, pressure rating, bore type, body material, fluid type, and much more.  As part of our research, we conducted a survey of vortex flowmeter users that is available separately.  For more information on this study, go to http://www.flowresearch.com/Vortex_2006/welcome.htm.

One purpose of this letter is to let you know that you still have a chance to order these new studies at a pre-publication discount.  If you act quickly, you can still order the vortex study at the pre-publication discount, which we have extended due to demand.  Please contact Flow Research for details.

We are also hard at work on our groundbreaking study, The World Market for Differential Pressure (DP) Flowmeters and Primary Elements.  This is the first attempt we know of to accurately gauge the size of the primary elements market worldwide.  We are including orifice plates, Venturi tubes, averaging Pitot tubes, flow nozzles, wedge elements, and other primary elements in our study. The study also addresses the market for flow computers used in DP flow measurement. 

For the first time, our new study will give a true reading of the size of the DP flowmeter market, including primary elements and flow computers.  Previous attempts to identify the size of this market equate it only with the size of the market for DP transmitters used to measure flow.  We believe it is important to understand the true size of the DP flow market to be able to adequately evaluate where DP flowmeters stand in relation to other technologies.

You may also know that we released a new study, The Global Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, 3rd Edition, in September.  We identified and profiled 51 magnetic flowmeter suppliers in this study.  This study segments the market in many new ways:

  • North America, Europe, Japan, Asia without Japan, Rest of World
  • Wafer, Flanged, Insertion
  • Smart, Conventional
  • Multivariable, Single Variable
  • AC, High-Strength DC, Standard DC
  • Compact, Remote
  • 2-Wire, 4-Wire
  • Accuracy Levels (<0.5%, 0.5%, >0.5%)
  • Communication Protocol
  • Liner Type
  • Line Size
  • Industry
  • Application
  • Distribution Channel
  • Customer Type

This study is more than 500 pages long, and is ready for immediate delivery.  Contact us today for more information.

In addition to our flow studies, we have reformatted our Worldflow Monitoring Service to make it more responsive to your immediate needs.  We are continuing with the Worldflow Barometer on a quarterly basis.  However, we have taken the Process Industry Monitor and created a new, more focused product called the Energy Monitor.  The Energy Monitor brings you quarterly reports on the oil & gas, refining, and power industries. 

In addition to our flowmeter studies, we are researching the temperature sensor and temperature transmitter markets.  Our new study, The Market for Temperature Sensors in the Americas, 2nd Edition will soon be ready for publication.  The Market for Temperature Transmitters in the Americas, 2nd Edition will be published after the temperature sensors study.  Both studies were originally published in 2000.

We have also made a free CD available, which makes many previously published articles on flow available together in a single location.  Weve already filled more than 500 requests for this popular new CD. You can preview the CD on our website. To receive your free CD, send us your request along with your mailing address. And let us know how were doing.  Wed love to hear from you!

Happy Spring!

Jesse Yoder

President, Flow Research, Inc. 



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