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Racine Federated Announces the Acquisition of the Liquid Vortex Flowmeter Product Line from Asahi/America, Inc

Racine, Wisconsin, USA, March 14, 2007: Racine Federated Inc. (RFI), President and CEO John E. Erskine and Harry Aiba, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Asahi/America, Inc. of Malden, MA announce the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of the Asahi/America vortex flowmeter product lines by Racine Federated.

Asahi/America, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of corrosion resistant thermoplastic fluid flow solutions including valves, actuators, and industrial, dual containment and high purity piping systems, will no longer sell, service or support the Universal Vortex Flow Meter and FloSonex Ultrasonic Flowmeter product lines. Racine Federated of Racine, WI has taken ownership of Asahi/America's entire flowmeter stock.

"The Asahi/America vortex products will be an excellent complement to RFI's current product family," said Erskine. "We are excited about the new market opportunities this creates for Racine Federated's flow measurement group."

"Asahi/America and RFI have worked together on this project for several months, and I am pleased to see it come to a positive end result," stated Aiba. "Racine Federated has agreed to take full ownership of stock and warranty responsibility for both Vortex Flow Meter lines," stated Dan Anderson, Asahi/America's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We feel this will allow Asahi/America to dedicate more resources to our core product lines including thermoplastic valves, actuators and piping systems."

The addition of this vortex shedding product line enhances RFI's broad offering of flow measurement equipment and fluid management solutions. It will be fully integrated into the Racine, WI facility by the third quarter of 2007, including the construction of a Class1000 certified clean room for meter production, especially for semiconductor and other industries with such requirements. In addition to vortex-shedding, RFI's flow meter group also offers the following technologies: Ultrasonic, Turbine, Insertion Electromagnetic, Variable Area, and Differential Pressure Primary Flow Elements.

RFI's flow meter group serves the pulp & paper, chemical & petroleum processing, water & waste treatment, general industrial, automotive production, food & beverage, semiconductor capital equipment, HVAC, energy and fluid power markets.

Racine Federated was founded in 1970 and is a privately held Racine, WI, USA-based manufacturer of flowmeters and internal concrete vibrators. RFI products are sold under the following trade names: Blancett®, Dynasonics(TM), Flo-tech(TM), Hedland®, Preso®, Racine(TM) Vortex and Wyco®. For further product and contact information see individual web site links at: www.racinefed.com.

Note: This acquisition was the subject of a Worldflow Flash Report on June 25, 2007, that provided analysis and background on both Racine Federated and Asahi/America. Flash Reports are part of our Worldflow Monitoring Service. For details on our Worldflow service, including how to receive Flash Reports, go to www.worldflow.com.  

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