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FlowTimes – April/May 2014

Your Update on Flow, Temperature, Level, and Pressure Measurement from Flow Research

Executive Editor: Dr. Jesse Yoder; Volume 15, Number 1 - ISSN 1350-7204

1.      We have implemented your votes for new studies!

Several months ago we asked you, our valued clients, to tell us what market studies you would like us to publish in 2014.  We want to thank you for your strong response.  We based our 2014 schedule almost entirely on the studies you voted for.  It’s great to know that some of our past studies are so popular that you want entirely new editions done of them.  In addition, you voted for some brand new studies that we haven’t done before.  

Some of the studies we are currently working on include pressure transmitters and vortex flowmeters.  The pressure transmitter market is more than one-third the size of the flowmeter market, and it is still experiencing significant growth.  One segment we plan to look at closely is multivariable flowmeters.  We want to determine to what extent multivariable flowmeters are displacing mass flow measurements made using a flow computer and several individual transmitters.  For vortex meters, we are looking at the impact of new dual sensor and dual flowmeter technology.

Dr. Jesse Yoder 
in Sydney, Australia

Another extremely popular study is Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters.  We are now doing research for the 5th Edition of this study. Nowhere else can you get a comprehensive view of the worldwide flowmeter market by region and by flowmeter type.  This has become one of our more popular studies, along with Volume X: Module A: Strategies, Industries, and Applications.  The 4th Edition of this study exceeded 700 pages, and we expect the 5th Edition to be equally comprehensive.  We include data on all flowmeter types, including positive displacement and turbine, along with Coriolis, ultrasonic, and others.

You also voted for a brand new edition of the gas flow study series.  This series of studies was born out of my interviews with oil and gas companies in the Middle East , and became immediately popular.  It not only provides data on flowmeters used to measure gas flow, it also details where gas flow is produced by region and country.  Natural gas is becoming increasingly important since it is cleaner than oil, and it has become a bridge to renewable.  There are a lot of new developments in gas flow measurement, especially among turbine and ultrasonic flowmeter suppliers.

In addition to bringing out new editions of existing studies, you asked us to initiate some brand new studies.  These include flowmeter calibration and liquefied natural gas (LNG).  We have begun the research for both of these new studies, which will be published later this year. 

Another new study is one on level measurement.  This is a series of four studies, which will be published over the next year.  Level is an extremely important measurement, along with flow, pressure, and temperature, and we are especially pleased to be documenting this market.  For more information, go to www.levelreseasrch.com.

While this is a very busy year at Flow Research, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve your market research needs.  We hope that the studies we have selected, based on your input, will be ones that you are as excited about as we are.  And if these studies don’t meet your exact needs, please contact us about a custom study.

— Dr Jesse Yoder, President

Free Webinar on Coriolis Flowmeters

At the request of ControlGlobal.com, Dr. Jesse Yoder recently did a webinar on Coriolis Flowmeters Used to Measure Natural Gas and Oil Flow.  The 21 minute webinar contributes to Control Global’s Fundamentals Series.  It covers trends and applications for Coriolis flowmeters, the use of Coriolis meters for custody transfer of natural gas and oil, and compares Coriolis and ultrasonic flowmeters.  You will find a link to the webinar under What’s New on Flow Research’s home page, http://www.flowresearch.com.  Or, go directly to http://app.brainshark.com/controlglobal/vu?pi=zI8zKGWtXzFvYdz0 .

2. The complete series of studies on the World Market for Oil and Oil Flow Measurement can help you do business in a complex market

Despite some competition from other energy sources, oil remains a key energy resource in demand by increasing global population and development.  Despite temporary fluctuations, the general trend in oil prices over the past five years has been strongly upward.  This has stimulated renewed exploration and development, with important new discoveries and projects.  Political changes and tensions in key areas continue to focus attention on supplies, reserves, development projects, trade, transport, and refinement.  New technological developments affect accessibility of known and new fields, and others affect methods of transport.  These are just some of the main factors that interplay to affect opportunities in the world of oil and oil flow measurement. 

It’s a fascinating and complex world that you need to understand to make decisions for doing business successfully in it.  This is why Flow Research undertook the series called The World Market for Oil and Oil Flow Measurement.

As of November 2013, the entire series is complete and is available to help you understand and make decisions about your particular business opportunities.

The study shows where growth is occurring and where it is not, and where to expect the highest returns.  The study includes information about oil flowmeter markets, and profiles of important oil regions and their major companies. It includes descriptions of industries and applications that are key to understanding a complex marketplace.  Strategies for succeeding in regional and worldwide markets are provided.

In fact, there is such a wealth of research information in it that it took over a year for our researchers and analysts to process it all and present it in the over 2,800 pages of the combined Core Study plus five Modules.  It is all clearly laid out with easy-to-find sections, full of information and explanations, and an abundance of charts, tables, and maps.  Flow Research has also organized the series to give you options to get the information you need most for specific areas of business.

In order to present information in the most useful way for both basic and in-depth understanding of both general and more specialized areas of focus, this series takes a modular approach to examining and helping you understand the complex world of oil and oil flow measurement.  The World Market for Oil and Oil Flow Measurement includes a Core oil flow measurement study plus five Modules.  The in-depth research in the modules complements and builds on the detailed results of the Core Study, thus, together, they provide the most comprehensive picture of the worldwide oil flow market from multiple perspectives.  The six studies can be ordered as a set at a savings over individual prices.  However, the six studies are structured such that they can also function as standalone reports and the Core and the Modules can be ordered individually or in whatever combination you need. 

The World Market for Oil and Oil Flow Measurement series includes:

  • Core: The World Market for Oil Flow Measurement

  • Module A: Oil Producers Worldwide

  • Module B: Oil Producers in Mideast/Africa

  • Module C: The World Market for Custody Transfer of Petroleum Liquids

  • Module D: Strategies, Industries and Applications

  • Module E: Multiphase Flowmeters

More detailed information about this series and each module is available through http://www.oilflows.com, or you are welcome to contact us.

3. Refiners Boost Capacity to Take Advantage of Shale Oil Boom
by Vicki Tuck, Flow Research

Supplies of oil from Texas , North Dakota and Oklahoma have galvanized companies to build new, small plants and expand on existing ones to take advantage of this recent influx of light sweet crude.  Refiners, including Valero Energy Corp. and Marathon Petroleum, are taking up the challenge of boosting the output and efficiency of aging facilities, rather than building new, large refineries to profit from this shale oil boom cost-effectively.

It is expected that up to 400,000 barrels of oil-refining capacity a day by 2018 could result from these enhancements and improvements to existing refineries.

Additionally, the potential output from South Texas Eagle Ford shale formation, which yields ultralight oil, will spur the construction of several new plants.  These plants, known as “splitters” or “toppers,” are not considered actual refineries, since they are not involved with an array of crude oil types, and do not produce a large variety of fuel types.  Their function is mainly to take the light oil one step further in its evolution toward becoming gasoline and diesel.  The product is then shipped to other parts of the world, such as Asia, Europe and Latin America where the process is continued and completed.

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P., not traditionally involved in refining, is currently building a plant near the Houston Ship Channel, and is anticipating 100,000 barrels a day of the light oil for export.  Magellan Midstream Partners LP is contemplating similar enterprises to be located in Corpus Christi , Texas .  Marathon Petroleum is upgrading its refining capacity and adding new equipment to its plants in large shale oil fields.

The shale oil boom is changing the landscape with this rich influx of oil.  And with so many plants hastening to take advantage, the landscape will certainly continue to transform for the next several years.

Source: Wall Street Journal.  March 2, 2014; U.S. Oil-Refineries Bulk Up

You will find similar news, data and commentary covered in the Energy Monitor, one of our Worldflow quarterly publications, that brings together news and information about developments in the energy sector that are of interest to the world of flow and instrumentation business.  For more information about our Worldflow Monitoring Service, visit http://www.worldflow.com.

4. Completely up-to-date 5th edition magnetic flowmeter market study shipping

Flow Research is the only market research company that publishes a study wholly devoted to the magnetic flowmeter market.  Since Flow Research published the 4th edition of our worldwide magnetic flowmeter market study in 2009, we have been following news in the magnetic flowmeter market regularly, but our in-depth market research for the 5th edition of this study yielded some surprising findings. 

  • Despite economic challenges endured by many markets, the magmeter market has grown even faster in the past five years than we projected in 2009. 

  • The magnetic flowmeter market is now the largest flowmeter market in terms of revenues, outpacing differential pressure and Coriolis. 

  • There is a significant amount of manufacturing activity in China in magnetic flowmeters. The 5th edition includes a section on Chinese magnetic flowmeter manufacturing.

Another important fact about the 5th edition of this study is that it has a base year of 2013, with forecasts to 2018.  This makes it completely up-to-date.  The study is over 500 pages, covering eight geographic regions, and, in addition to market size and forecast, includes:

  • Insights into growth factors affecting the market

  • Profiles of magnetic flowmeter suppliers and their products

  • Market shares of major suppliers

  • Strategies for doing business in this market

  • Detailed segmentation by types

  • and more! 

We found some significant growth areas for magnetic flowmeters.  These include:

  • 2-wire

  • battery operated

  • wireless

  • new liners

  • low conductivity measurement

  • “high strength” DC coil power

All these areas are keeping the magnetic flowmeter market fresh with new products and new technologies.  Despite its large size, we are projecting significant growth in this market over the next five years.  

For more information about this study, visit http://www.flowmags.com, and, of course, feel welcome to contact us.

5. Armstrong International Acquires Veris, Inc.

Three Rivers, MI; February 6, 2014 — Armstrong International has expanded its portfolio of intelligent system solutions through the acquisition of Veris, Incorporated, a leader in accurate and reliable flow measurement technology for gas, steam and hot water applications.  Veris, based in Niwot, Colorado, has more than 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing low measurement instruments including Verabar®, the most accurate and reliable flow sensor for measuring gas, liquid and steam delivering lower operating costs for customers and Accelabar®, a new and unique flow meter that provides superior performance in challenging applications.

"Veris not only shares our commitment to delivering energy saving solutions to its customers, they also share our core values that contribute to creating an enjoyable experience for our customers," said Patrick Armstrong, President and CEO of Armstrong Global Holdings.

In addition to its Colorado headquarters, Veris has operations in Shanghai , China .  The Veris name and operating locations will remain and its product line will enhance the full line of solutions available from Armstrong.

More information about these companies can be found at http://www.veris-inc.com and http://www.armstronginternational.com.

This is just one of the articles you will find covered in our Q4 2013 Market Barometer, one of our Worldflow quarterly publications, full of news and information about interesting and important developments related to the world of flow and instrumentation business. 

The Worldflow Monitoring Service is a package of resources designed to serve the information needs of flowmeter and instrumentation manufacturers, distributors, and end-users with news, data and commentary on the markets it covers.  Subscribers receive quarterly publications of the Energy Monitor and the Market Barometer, plus Flash Reports of important news that breaks between quarterly publications, and have access to a web-based library of information, Worldflow Online.  The Market Barometer focuses on the flowmeter industry, as well as some types of temperature, pressure, level and analytical instrumentation.  The Energy Monitor focuses on oil & gas, and power & renewable industries in relation to flow and temperature measurement, and other instrumentation.  For more information about our Worldflow Monitoring Service, visit http://www.worldflow.com.

6. Flow Research websites redesigned

Flow Research’s web presence has been refreshed with a more stream-lined appearance and navigational connections.  As you may know, we have a large number of websites, devoted to many topics.  We have redesigned our websites to make them more accessible and to enable us to continue building more websites.  Our goal is to bring you more information about flow and instrumentation in an easy to understand way.  We have developed a system of Core Sites with related sites associated with them.  These Core Sites are listed in the banner that runs down the left side of the homepage, labeled "Discover More".  

Our website developer, Christina Glaser, gets the credit for putting this together.  You can see the new design at http://www.flowresearch.com.  We welcome any comments on our new design.

7. Upcoming CEESI North American Custody Transfer Measurement Conference

CEESI’s annual North America Ultrasonic Meter Workshop has been expanded this year to include all types of Custody Transfer Measurement.  The North American Custody Transfer Measurement Conference takes place July 15–17, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt Denver in Denver , Colorado .  Preceding the Conference, CEESI is also offering a training course on the operation and use of ultrasonic meters for natural gas and liquid, on July 14, 2014.

This event allows for open discussion on metering from a user’s standpoint.  It brings together a wealth of information as well as new ideas and new questions regarding custody transfer measurement, today’s challenges and successes, as well as "lessons learned”.  Both users and manufacturers will offer presentations on topics such as:

  • Proving Meters with Low Measurement Uncertainties
  • Meter Station Field Assessments
  • Liquid Flow Conditioning
  • Viscosity Effects with Coriolis Metering
  • LNG Custody Measurement
  • Clamp-On Metering Technologies
  • Ultrasonic Meter Diagnostics
  • Coriolis Meter Diagnostics and proper zeroing
  • Recalibration intervals for custody transfer meters
  • AGA and API Standard Updates

For more information or to register online, visit www.ceesi.com/training

A write up of the 2013 Workshop features in Jesse Yoder’s article Ultrasonic flowmeters wow them at CEESI Workshop, published in Processing Magazine’s October 2013 issue.  You can find this article and others listed on our website www.flowarticles.com.  The direct link for this article is http://www.flowresearch.com/articles/PDF_Files/2013/Yoder-PR1013.pdf.

Flow Research will be attending again this year.  Perhaps we’ll see you there?

8. New edition of pressure transmitters market study in the works

Flow Research is working on The World Market for Pressure Transmitters, 4th Edition, planned for publication during Q2 2014.  The 3rd Edition of this study, published in August 2011, observed that pressure transmitter revenues had grown substantially during the previous five years.  Further, it was noted that the total size of the worldwide pressure transmitter market was nearly half the size of the worldwide flowmeter market in terms of revenues.  We believe this market is strong and will continue to hold its own in the instrumentation world.  

The World Market for Pressure Transmitters, 4th Edition will give you the up-to-date view of this market with information you need to assess your business opportunities.  The study will:

  • Determine the size of the pressure transmitter market in 2013, worldwide and by nine geographic regions – China , Japan , and now India are all covered separately

  • Include thorough segmentation by types

  • Forecast market growth for all types of pressure transmitters through 2018

  • Determine worldwide 2013 market shares for major suppliers of pressure transmitters

  • Identify factors affecting market growth

  • Identify industries and applications where pressure transmitters are used, and to focus especially upon high growth areas

  • Analyze products of the main companies selling into the pressure transmitter market

  • Profile main pressure transmitter suppliers

  • Offer strategies to manufacturers for selling into the pressure transmitter market

For more information, please visit http://www.pressureresearch.com, and, of course, feel welcome to contact us.

9. New edition of vortex flowmeter market study in the works

Flow Research is working on The World Market for Vortex Flowmeters, 5th Edition, projected for publication in Q2 2014. 

Growth in the vortex flowmeter market has historically been relatively slow.  However, while the vortex flowmeter market is smaller than ultrasonic, Coriolis, or magnetic flowmeters in terms of market size, user interviews show that interest in vortex flowmeters remains strong for a combination of reasons.  More suppliers have entered this market over the years.  There have been enhancements in vortex meter technology to improve accuracy, reliability, and address issues of vibration.  Another significant event was that vortex flowmeters finally received the approval of the American Petroleum Institute (API) for use in custody-transfer applications in January 2007.  Custody transfer is a critical flowmeter application and an area with market growth potential.  For both ultrasonic and Coriolis flowmeters, approvals in the form of standards for their use in custody transfer have been significant market growth factors.

We believe that this is an optimal time, and a number of suppliers have expressed interest, for us to take a fresh look at how these factors and others have affected the vortex flowmeter market.

The World Market for Vortex Flowmeters, 5th Edition will include worldwide market size and market shares for all vortex flowmeters in 2013, market growth forecast through 2018, industries and applications where vortex flowmeters are used, and main supplier profiles and product analysis.  This study will address the following key issues in the vortex flowmeter market:

  • The factors causing the market to grow

  • Growth in the use of multivariable flowmeters

  • The effects of the API’s adoption of a custody transfer standard on vortex sales

  • The use of vortex flowmeters in district heating applications

  • The increased number of suppliers in the vortex flowmeter market

  • Line sizes for vortex flowmeter applications

  • The use of vortex flowmeters in steam applications

  • The importance of reducer vortex flowmeters

  • New product and technology developments

  • Growth strategies for vortex flowmeter suppliers

For more information, please visit http://www.flowvortex.com, or, of course, we would welcome you contacting us.

For more information on all Flow Research studies, visit http://www.flowstudies.com.  It lists our studies by category and provides direct links to pages for the latest editions, where you will find a synopsis, or you can click a link for the overview with full details.  Of course, there are also easy order forms and our contact links and information.

What do you think of FlowTimes?  We welcome your comments!  Please send any comments or suggestions to jesse@flowresearch.com.

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